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A flexible offer suited for everyone

Analyse only one set, during training or matches between friends

Analyse the full match during tournaments

Order the analysis with your opponent and benefit from discounted rates

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Get a full statistical report on your game

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Keep track of your performance

View our stats

Play your match

In tournaments or amongst friends

Capture your match and upload your video

Capture your match and upload your video on our servers

We analyse your match

With the help of our in-house software, our specialists analyse your match

look at your stats and video analysis

Within two days, check your stats and rapidly browse your video to watch key points

A service for everyone

  • Whatever your level, get your game statistics, analyse your performance and improve your game. Choose the right formula, analyse 1, 2 or 3 sets. Involve your partner, order the analysis of the two players and benefit from discounted rates.
  • You have a GoPro (or equivalent): Record your match and upload your video on our server.
  • Within two days you receive a complete statistical report of your game, you can access it on your PC, touchpad or smartphone.
  • Use our statistic tool to improve your players’ performance.
  • During a competition or training, record matches, choose to analyse "two players" to benefit from our attractive prices.
  • Analyse the whole match, or only one set. This option has been specially designed to analyse trainings and control your budget.
  • All statistical reports are archived in your account. Players also have access to the statistics in their personal account.
  • If you do not have the equipment to record matches, ask to join our network of partners and we can lend you a GoPro.
  • Join our partner’s program and offer your members the opportunity to benefit from their statistics. Players choose to analyse the whole match, or one, two or three sets, and can also analyse their partner’s game.
  • Players then upload their video on our website. You can also choose to send us the videos in prepaid envelopes we provide and we’ll look after the rest.
  • If you do not have the equipment to record matches, ask to join our network of partners and we can lend you a GoPro that you make available to the club, to the coaches and to team members.
  • Differentiate and develop your tournament by offering participants the opportunity to analyse their matches.
  • We can lend you GoPros to film the tournament matches. Upload the videos on our server, the players then receive their statistics in their personal account.
  • At the end of the tournament, the final is broadcast on our YouTube channel and is accessible to all club members and tournament participants.

Discover our video ans stats analyzing tool and start improving