1 - How to record your match ?

How to set up the camera ?

To analyse your match we need:

  • A fixed point of view
  • From the back of the court - hang to the fence
  • With a full view of the tennis court

Which device can I use ?

Any of the following devices, Download the PDF file for more details

What is the Tennis Stat Cam APP ?

Tennis Stat Cam APP is an Android app allowing android phone to film continuously. A regular camera app on android has a file size limit of 4G0. Once you reach the size limit, the camera will stop. The Tennis Stat Cam will automatically start recording a new file, allowing you to film a full match.

Do I need the Tennis Stat Cam APP if I have an iPhone?

NO, an iPhone can film continuously.

Where do I find the Tennis Stat Cam APP ?

On Google Play, you can also flash this QR code

2- How to upload videos

Upload video from PC / Mac only

In order to upload a video in a efficient manner, its size needs to be reduced, it is called video compression.

This can only be done on a computer, not via a smartphone.

You will need therefore to install our app on your computer: Tennis Stat UP

Install Tennis Stat UP

What is Tennis Stat UP

Tennis Stat UP is an app running on your computer that will compress your videos to the appropriate format and directly upload them on our servers

Do I have to install Tennis Stat UP ?

YES, the app will do everything automatically, it will save you time and ensure that the format of the video is correct.

How to upload my videos ?

  1. Install "Tennis Stat UP" on your computer
  2. After creating your match, click on "Upload video"
  3. Click on "Ad Files" on the app, browse and select all the video files of the match
  4. Click on "Launch" the compression and the upload of the files startS immediately

Beware: You should not launch directly the APP, it will be automatically launched when you click on the link "upload video"

The uploaded has failed, what should I do ?

You have to start the process again, on the match list, click on "Upload video"

How long does it take to upload a full match ?

It depends on the quality of your internet connection. With a conventional broadband connection, upload time of a compressed video is about equal to its length. This can be 20 times faster with fibre optic cable.

3- Delivery

How soon will I receive my statistical analysis ?

Within 24 hours to 72 hours after the upload of your video.

My partner agrees to have his statistical analysis, how does he access his statistical report ?

Once the analysis is ready, you can share the full report with your partner, but also with your coach and friends. In the match list just click on "share" and enter the email address.

4 - Other questions

I have a question about a given statistical report, can I contact you ?

Yes, of course. Ideally by email, you will have a faster reply.

I am a club director and I am interested in your service for my members, my school and my coaches. As a tennis club do we have special offers ?

Absolutely. Contact us.